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Rationally irrational

Dear Readers It would seem like the rocket booster that propelled the equity markets, since mid-December 2017, has used up all of its solid fuel and has begun its violent descent. The Dow plunged 7% in two trading days. Bursa is in no better shape too. I hope it did not come as a shocker… Continue reading Rationally irrational

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January 2018 Portfolio Report

Dear Readers At the beginning of this month, I was reading a book by Tony Robbins, titled Unshakeable, for a second time. I was drawn to his investment approach that investors, not speculators, should remain invested, at all times, regardless of any bullish or bearish undertone in the stock market. Simply put, any form of… Continue reading January 2018 Portfolio Report

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December 2017 Portfolio Report

Dear Readers The overall sentiment in November and December remained bearish and that was reflected by a retreat of Bursa index. This is due to the overall uncertainty with regard to the impending general election. However, things began picking up since mid-December, with much credit to fund managers, who are window-dressing their portfolios, as they… Continue reading December 2017 Portfolio Report

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October 2017 Portfolio Report

Dear Readers My portfolio has tanked a little since last September 2017 Portfolio Report. The main culprit which contributed to my portfolio's sharp decline in October 2017 is Ekovest. Its share price plummeted after news broke out that Ekovest, may put to a vote, a proposition by Lim Kang Hoo. Kang Hoo's proposition is that Ekovest… Continue reading October 2017 Portfolio Report

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September 2017 Portfolio Report

Dear Readers Did we just escaped an all out nuclear calamity by the skin of our teeth? It sure did seem like it. Although the world has moved on from the peak of the rhetorics between the Delusional Mr President and Little Rocket Man, the effect of such a threat is still lingering in the… Continue reading September 2017 Portfolio Report

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August 2017 Report Card

Dear Readers With the end of August, comes September,which has always been a notoriously dreadful month for Malaysian equity. There is always a silver lining even in a pessimistic month like September. However, to take advantage of the impending bargains, I suggest that you keep some cash lying around. About 19% of my portfolio is in… Continue reading August 2017 Report Card

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July 2017 Report Card

Dear Readers The Feds' decision to keep interest unchanged in July 2017 is a step in the right direction to quell the possibility of a recession. This means that cheap money is here to stay. By no means this is sustainable because a debt-fueled economic expansion will give way as soon as signs of inability… Continue reading July 2017 Report Card

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June 2017 Report Card

Dear Readers This month's portfolio does not differ much from last month's except for the addition of Samchem Holdings Bhd ("Samchem"), purchased at a premium of RM1.002 per share, and Maxis Berhad ("Maxis") which was purchased on 30 June 2017. The purchase of shares in Samchem and Maxis is an attempt to diversity my portfolio… Continue reading June 2017 Report Card

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May 2017 Share Portfolio

Dear Readers We saw a bit of turbulence in the Bursa in April 2017. Wall Street had certainly overreacted to the possibility of an nuclear war between the United States of America and North Korea. That fear crept into Bursa too. Whilst many bought into the possibility of a doomsday scenario, cool-headed investors made the most of the unnerved market. As stated in… Continue reading May 2017 Share Portfolio

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April 2017 Share Portfolio

  Dear Readers, It is always good to know about yourself before starting on an investing journey. As for me, my attributes are: I would class myself as a somewhat medium to high risk investor. I subscribe to the principles of value investing with minor tweaks of my own. I buy to hold and will… Continue reading April 2017 Share Portfolio