Bursa Malaysia – Singapore Exchange Link

Dear Readers It was announced recently, by Prime Minister Najib, that Bursa Malaysia and Singapore Exchange will embark in a collaboration which will see both bourses be linked. Details of the trading link remain sketchy except for the following: The trading link will enable investors, from a respective country, to purchase financial instruments listed in… Continue reading Bursa Malaysia – Singapore Exchange Link

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Rationally irrational

Dear Readers It would seem like the rocket booster that propelled the equity markets, since mid-December 2017, has used up all of its solid fuel and has begun its violent descent. The Dow plunged 7% in two trading days. Bursa is in no better shape too. I hope it did not come as a shocker… Continue reading Rationally irrational

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January 2018 Portfolio Report

Dear Readers At the beginning of this month, I was reading a book by Tony Robbins, titled Unshakeable, for a second time. I was drawn to his investment approach that investors, not speculators, should remain invested, at all times, regardless of any bullish or bearish undertone in the stock market. Simply put, any form of… Continue reading January 2018 Portfolio Report

P2P Lending

Wealth Creation through Peer-to-peer (P2P) Lending

Dear Readers Welcome to 2018! As we enter the New Year, it's time to be reinvigorated about saving, investing and reinvesting. The importance of these 3 components cannot be overemphasised as they are essentially interdependent building blocks of wealth. A failure to address either component could potentially derail your progress of wealth creation. So, how… Continue reading Wealth Creation through Peer-to-peer (P2P) Lending

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December 2017 Portfolio Report

Dear Readers The overall sentiment in November and December remained bearish and that was reflected by a retreat of Bursa index. This is due to the overall uncertainty with regard to the impending general election. However, things began picking up since mid-December, with much credit to fund managers, who are window-dressing their portfolios, as they… Continue reading December 2017 Portfolio Report


Analysis of CCK Consolidated Bhd

Dear Readers CCK Consolidated Bhd (CCK) is a holding company of many subsidiaries involved in the business of supply and retail of seafood and poultry products. CCK is based in Sibu, Sarawak. Poultry CCK is the biggest poultry producer in Sarawak, controlling over 35-40% of Sarawak's poultry market. In terms of revenue, the poultry segment… Continue reading Analysis of CCK Consolidated Bhd

P2P Lending

Peer-to-peer (P2P) Lending: Six months in

Dear Readers It has been slightly over 6 months, since July 2017, when I invested RM1,000.00 in P2P lending with Funding Societies Malaysia, one of the first P2P lending operator established in Malaysia. If you have missed the write-up, you could pick it up HERE. I'm glad to announce that I've completed two rounds of successful crowdfunding… Continue reading Peer-to-peer (P2P) Lending: Six months in


A look into the Malaysian Employees Provident Fund (EPF)

Dear Readers Before I begin, I would like to place a caveat in this article: this article is based solely on my opinion. The recent downfall of crude oil prices has revealed the vulnerability of the Malaysian economy to the movement of crude oil prices and its reliance, to an extent, on oil money, to… Continue reading A look into the Malaysian Employees Provident Fund (EPF)

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October 2017 Portfolio Report

Dear Readers My portfolio has tanked a little since last September 2017 Portfolio Report. The main culprit which contributed to my portfolio's sharp decline in October 2017 is Ekovest. Its share price plummeted after news broke out that Ekovest, may put to a vote, a proposition by Lim Kang Hoo. Kang Hoo's proposition is that Ekovest… Continue reading October 2017 Portfolio Report


Analysis of Scientex Berhad

Dear Readers Today we dissect Scientex Berhad ("Scientex") to find out what it takes to be "healthy, friendly & happy".   Scientex consists of two main arms; the manufacturing of plastic packaging products and property development. Plastic packaging manufacturing Product packaging typifies the way the goods are sold. Not only does packaging secures goods, it… Continue reading Analysis of Scientex Berhad